Welcome to mtb#, a mountain bike route guide. It gets its name from Sharphaw, my local hill, along with a bit of inspiration from Microsoft (yeah I'd normally call that a hash too). Hopefully you'll find it useful - you can read a bit more about the site here, if you like.

Take a look at the routes and visit the forum (any comments gratefully accepted)!

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Sharphaw (and cows) -->
Back in business!
Sorry for the massive delay in getting these up, but many thanks to Frank Yates, Stuart (aka poisonspider), Mark Beaman, Mark Lavender and Andy (aka Rammstone) for submitting some routes - they're now online!
Also thanks to Martin White for sending me a massive back catalogue of mbr routes (which is amazing!) - these'll hopefully find their way online soon, along with newer magazine routes.
I've also been gradually converting routes to .gpx files for those without Memory map or Tracklogs. If you prefer tracks instead of routes in Memory Map you can use these too, where they're available.
Appologies for the lack of updates, moving house = no internet access for months :(. Might still be quite a while before there're any new routes on the site unfortunately.
Some more catching up - added (most of) the mbr top 10 trails in The Lakes and Wales.
Bit of a catching up update! Routes from Singletrack Issue 30 now online, as well as What Mountain Bike Jan '06 routes and an old mbr route to fill gaps. Cut Gate Out-and-Back added to The Peaks and a submission heading off from good old Gargrave in the Dales.
Added new What Mountain Bike and mbr routes as well as our first submitted routes (Wharncliffe Woods in South Yorkshire & Drum Route in Snowdonia), thanks! Also added the Pendle Pedal route in Lancashire.
Site online!

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