My home turf. Mapped routes available are:

- Gargrave: Sharphaw
- Gargrave: Stockdale Lane
- Gargrave: Weets Top
- Gargrave: Weets Top 2
- Malham: The Sights
- Skipton Loop

Memory Map / Tracklogs only routes:

- East Marton: Malham Killer Loop, mbr May '06 .mmo .trl
- Gargrave: Stockdale & Weets Top (Frank Yates) .mmo .trl
- Malham: The Big One .mmo .trl
- Malham & Mastilles Lane .mmo .trl
- Malham & Settle .mmo .trl
- Malham Tarn .mmo .trl
- Malham: Tour of Malhamdale .mmo .trl
- Skipton: mbr Killer Loop Sept '04 .mmo .trl

See also:

- Gargrave: Bank Newton

Any comments or suggestions about these routes? Pop em in the forum where I'm sure others will be interested to read them. If you know of another route in this area, why not submit it?

for map information and explanations of route ratings, see here

-Andy Green 2006