Memory Map / Tracklogs only routes:

- County Gate: Doone Valley, What Mountain Bike, Sept '05 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Easy, Singletrack Issue 29 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Exford: Medium, Singletrack Issue 29 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Horner Route, What Mountain Bike, July '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Minehead: Brendone Hills Classic, mbr June '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Minehead: Coast Path & Dunkery Beacon, mbr Apr '05 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Minehead, What Mountain Bike, June '05 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Minehead Route, What Mountain Bike, July '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Modified Classic (Mark Beaman) .mmo .trl .gpx
- Selworthy: Hard, Singletrack Issue 29 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Winsford: Exmoor Eight, Hard, mbr Feb '06 .mmo .trl .gpx
- Winsford Killer Loop, mbr Aug '06 .mmo .trl .gpx

You can dowload all Exmoor routes as a .mmo or as zipped .trl's.

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-Andy Green 2006