Memory Map / Tracklogs only routes:

- Issue 1 N Wales - Llangynog: Easy .mmo .trl
    N Wales - Pistyll Rhaeadr: Medium .mmo .trl
    N Wales - Llanrhaeadr: Expert .mmo .trl
- Issue 4 W Yorks - Todmorden: Expert .mmo .trl
- Issue 6 Lakes - Pooly Bridge: Ullswater, Easy .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Keswick: Borrowdale Bash, Medium .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Skiddaw & Blencathra, Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 10 Lancs - Dunsop Bridge: Long Route .mmo .trl
- Issue 15 Lakes - Ambleside: Small Loop .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Ambleside: Medium Loop .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Ambleside: Long Loop .mmo .trl
- Issue 16 Worcs - Great Malvern: Easy .mmo .trl
    Worcs - Great Malvern: Medium .mmo .trl
    Worcs - Great Malvern: Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 18 N York Moors - Rosedale Abbey: Easy Route .mmo .trl
    N York Moors - Danby: Medium Route .mmo .trl
    N York Moors - Hambleton: Hard Route .mmo .trl
- Issue 19 Lakes - Boot: Easy .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Wasdale Head: Medium .mmo .trl
    Lakes - Wasdale Head: Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 20 Peaks - Hadfield: Short Route .mmo .trl
    Peaks - Hadfield: Medium Route .mmo .trl
    Peaks - Hadfield: Long Route .mmo .trl
- Issue 22 Cairngorms - Inverdruie: Small Loop .mmo .trl
    Cairngorms - Inverdruie: Big Loop .mmo .trl
- Issue 24 Sussex - Stanmer: Easy, South Downs .mmo .trl
    Sussex - Stanmer: Medium, South Downs .mmo .trl
    Sussex - Steyning: Hard, South Downs .mmo .trl
- Issue 25 Snowdonia - Medium .mmo .trl
    Snowdonia - Llanberis: Snowdon, Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 26 Peaks - Easy .mmo .trl
    Peaks - Medium .mmo .trl
    Peaks - Rowsley: Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 27 Surrey - Easy, North Downs .mmo .trl
    Surrey - Medium, North Downs .mmo .trl
    Surrey - Hard, North Downs .mmo .trl
- Issue 28 W Yorks - Hebden Bridge: Easy .mmo .trl
    W Yorks - Walsden: Medium .mmo .trl
    W Yorks - Hebden Bridge: Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 29 Exmoor - Easy .mmo .trl
    Exmoor - Exford: Medium .mmo .trl
    Exmoor - Selworthy: Hard .mmo .trl
- Issue 30 Isle of Wight - Yarmouth: Return to Freshwater, Easy .mmo .trl
    Isle of Wight - Freshwater: Middling Downs, Medium .mmo .trl
    Isle of Wight - Ryde: Big Ryde, Hard .mmo .trl

You can download all these Singletrack routes as a .mmo or as zipped .trl's.

for map information and explanations of route ratings, see here

-Andy Green 2006